Successful injunction for North East Derbyshire District Council as residents causing ASB are banned from village

Following the enforcement action taken by North East Derbyshire District Council to close two sites in West Handley and Ridgeway, the Council also made injunction applications against individuals who had been engaged in anti-social behaviour (ASB) and were successful in their outcome.

The application was heard before His Honour Judge Owen at Chesterfield County Court over two days in September.

The Judge found that the Council’s witnesses were “credible and honest” and accepted all their evidence presented in relation to the ASB caused at West Handley Village and Ridgeway. The Judge also heard from, as he described, “brave” residents and also accepted their evidence, deeming them to be credible witnesses.

The Court ordered that two individuals who were guilty of ASB are excluded from the West Handley village for a period of 12 months.

A power of arrest is also attached to this exclusion, meaning that if the individuals breach those terms, the police can arrest them and can be committed to prison for up to 2 years.

A further injunction order and power of arrest was also made in respect of a third individual who is still allowed to enter the village.

North East Derbyshire District Council Leader, Cllr Nigel Barker said, “I cannot thank our officers enough for the work hey have put in to secure these injunctions. We made a commitment as an administration to come down hard on those participating in anti-social behaviour and this successful outcome show’s our commitment to delivering this.

Thanks to all our partners who were involved for many months behind the scenes and the residents of West Handley who have been involved with this case.