March 2022 Community

Eckington Poppy Club

It all started in lockdown when Armistice day and Remembrance Day was cancelled due to Covid. With plenty of time on my hands I decided to start crocheting poppies. as they started to mount up, I decided to ask Eckington if anyone wanted to join me and the project got under way.

As I am veteran, I wanted to make something different with a military feel to remember the forces that died making the world a better place for us. The idea was to get people in the community making poppies different sizes, styles and shades of red and sew them on the cam net. This would be displayed on the tower of St Peters and Pauls Church Eckington.

At this time still in lockdown the community started making poppies in their own homes. After many months and the end of lockdown in site (August 2021). Eckington Poppy club started to meet in the church hall. We found we had a bigger task than first thought so for Armistice Day and Remembrance 2021 our project was displayed inside the church for the community to see our progress.

Christmas arrived and as we also needed to top up the poppies the project went back into our own homes.

January 2022 a group of us with some new members started back with a mission that we would get this completed for this November.

Watch this space!